Product Design

  • New product

  • Design repair or upgrade

  • Unusual requirements

  • Flexible components

  • Supplier integration

Complete Medical Device Design  Complete projects. This was a concept-to-completion implantable medical device. 

  A Broken Design. This was an injection molded assembly for a medical device. The cartidges and battery case would not snap closed. The negative pressure reservior would not hold a vacuum seal. And the splash-resistant seals leaked. (link is pending)

Design Innovation  Innovative Mechanical Design Solutions. Here, the client had an effective sensor solution, but needed a unique mechanical solution which was inexpensive, but precise.

Inection Molded Part Design Injection Molded Part Design. Cosmetic Part Design. This flexible plastic part wrapped, bolted, and snapped onto a prosthetic limb.

Product Design Medical Disposable. An example of a simple medical lab equipment disposable.    

$36K Cost Reduction during a Design Update Cost Reduction through Design for Manufacture. How much can you save by Design for Manufacture? For this low-volume product: $38,000/yr.

 Non-medical devices. J. R. Stockton Consulting, LLC continues to do non-medical projects, such as this agricultural electronic sensor.

 Merge Goggles design development. In another non-medical application, the inventor had a complete initial concept, but needed someone to carry the mechanical development, so that the inventor could move forward with company and product leaership tasks. (There is no permission yet for images, the link to the left points you to the MergeVR site.) 

  Available design services span the entire project. (see 'Technical Services' link above.)